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Evolution of Robins over the time

Dick Grayson - Jason Todd - Tim Drake


Apocalypse will be set ten years after the [past] events of Days of Future Past. Due to what happened in DoFP, the story seems to have concluded with a happy ending, with everyone back at the school, and Scott and Jean are alive. That might be the case in the future, but in 1983, a new villain surfaces, and he’s gonna be a huge deal. From the looks of it, En Sabah Nur seems quite powerful. In the comics, he’s obsessed with the concept of survival of the fittest, and he possesses a wide range of god-like abilities, including complete control over his body, which allows him to shapeshift and stretch in unbelievable ways. Turning back time also looks like we’ll see the debut of young Cyclops and possibly Marvel Girl [and the rest of the actual members of First Class]. In addition, Wolverine will likely appear; I mean, when hasn’t he, right?

The Order of X, by Nate Hallinan.


part 2 of marvel portraits.

i really like that he put in the golden age daredevil as well to mix in some interesting color.  and of course, DEADPOOL

Apparently, these are also on display at the Mondo Gallery in Austin right now. Austin gets all the cool stuff. :(

see them all here:

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